What is a “Season of Writing”?

Up until last summer, my writing output was inconsistent and my form was scattered. I took this blog half-seriously. I wanted to approach my writing practice with more vigor and intention even though — especially because — it's just 30 minutes each morning. But to achieve those qualities, I had to know what to write.

So, I imagined a Venn diagram showing the overlap between:

  1. Things I'm interested in writing

  2. Things I'm capable of writing

  3. Things people want to read

The problem: I couldn't say with confidence what writing forms and topics would go within those three circles.

So, in an effort to find my niche, I shared in May 2022 that I would be writing in "seasons" indefinitely. That is, I would pick a form, a length of time, and an output goal, work solely within those confines, then report on the results and move on to another season — another type of writing.

I’m now on my third Season of Writing. (Or maybe my fourth or fifth, depending on when you read this, and whether I remembered to update this page.) I’m happy with how it’s going so far.

I invite you to follow along and watch me (hopefully) improve my writing in real-time as I try a variety of forms and subjects. I love to hear from readers and other writers, too, so feel free to drop me a note. My email address is adamokane [at] gmail.com.

Talk soon!


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I write in "seasons" — varying my form, topic, and output goal every so often in an effort to find my writing niche. Follow along!