Say what you will about Annie Wilkes, but she gave Paul Sheldon plenty of time to write. I've written online inconsistently for almost ten years. (Please hold your applause.) Here are a few examples of my "work," if you'd be so charitable as to call it that:
The summer before starting college, I worked at Lids, a hat store in the Fox Run Mall, a few days a week. My buddy Steve managed the place. He's a few…
Imagine a cyclone approaching. On its outer edges, it seems to be rotating slowly and you don't feel like you're being pulled in — but you are. As you…
Time travel is like, a privilege. You know?
Social was hot. Then it was dead. Now it's hot again. As builders, why do we keep coming back?
Just a blog post that probably should've been a journal entry.
[This was a column I wrote in my hometown paper, aiming to speak to a largely white, small-town, middle class, moderate audience.]
The waitress looks at me. It’s my turn to order a drink. “I’m good with just the water for now,” I say, giving her a little head nod, like I haven’t…
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