Or, "Why I Still Hate Windex"
The summer before starting college, I worked at Lids, a hat store in the Fox Run Mall, a few days a week. My buddy Steve managed the place. He's a few…
I've written online inconsistently for almost ten years. (Please hold your applause.) Here are a few examples of my "work," if you'd be so charitable as…
Imagine a cyclone approaching. On its outer edges, it seems to be rotating slowly and you don't feel like you're being pulled in — but you are. As you…
Time travel is like, a privilege. You know?
Social was hot. Then it was dead. Now it's hot again. As builders, why do we keep coming back?
Just a blog post that probably should've been a journal entry.
[This was a column I wrote in my hometown paper, aiming to speak to a largely white, small-town, middle class, moderate audience.]
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